Survey Agile Transition and Adoprion of Agile Management in Western and Eastern Organizations

Last post 03:02 pm July 12, 2018
by Begimai Timurova
03:02 pm July 12, 2018

Dear Participant,


In the context of my Master Thesis in the field of Information Systems at the University of Hohenheim in Stuttgart (, I would like to conduct a survey for an experts in regards of the topic "Agile Transformation and Adoption of Agile Management in Western and Eastern Companies".

Your expertise will help to understand the essential points of views and to assess the available material better.


The research is not of commercial interest and does not include any industrial partner. We will treat the conversation as confidential and will not publish anything.

I would be very grateful if you could answer a short questionnaire (5-10 minutes):


Thank you very much in advance for your participation and Support!


Best regards,

Begimai Timurova