Agile + DevOps

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by Gunther Firk
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12:32 am July 14, 2018

Ok, So we have developed a Project onboarding product that was more successful than we anticipated. We have lot of improvements to make and too may project teams (20 +) are already using this now. Few of them have already deployed and in operations mode still needing our support. So we ended up in DevOps mode while there is still lot of improvements that can be done to the App.

  1. How do we combine the Project support and operations and product development effort? I have seen some Devops with agile kanban articles that advocate some methods. Any advise?
  2. We are allowing our team representatives to attend the daily scrums of these 20+ projects and gather all issues and suggestions to discuss in our scrum which we are operating similar to the NEXUS scrum.
  3. From this scrum we are deriving permanent improvements, enhancements and regular production issues that we are working on a daily basis. 

But our team will grow (currently 10) as more projects onboard. So we need to scale. Which means we have to make pools of projects based on similar platforms or so and let them have their own scrums and these representatives come to the main scrum. We already have one nexus scrum. Is is feasible to add one more layer?

Suggestions please. Any suggestions or articles please?

06:31 pm July 16, 2018


I am not sure my answer will help you but anyway try to search very good article here about scrum + DevOps (I can't attach link here because I am writing from smartphone). It is on