(Opinion) PSPO is more difficult than PSM

Last post 09:13 am August 6, 2018
by Gunther Firk
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02:03 pm July 26, 2018



I just passed the PSPO I exam. I actually found it more difficult than PSM I. Does anyone share the same opinion?


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02:35 pm July 26, 2018


Yes, I agree. That could be because of my background as a Scrum Master, but I think it's also to do with questions and answers in PSPO I that rely on more than just knowing the Scrum Guide.

03:25 pm July 26, 2018

Thanks Simon. I agree that studying the Scrum Guide alone is not enough. A few questions were related to Evidence-Based Management and Scrum Scaling. There were also quite a handful of situational questions that require a thorough understanding of these guides.

09:13 am August 6, 2018

Hi to all! 

In my mind PSPO 1 and PSM 1 are in the same level. Of course there are more questions about value and product ownership but in general questions are very close to each other.