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SSM Scrum Master Practice Questions. Pls validate and correct answers

Last post 06:24 pm August 29, 2018 by Curtis Slough
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02:55 am August 28, 2018

've noted the answers which I've attempted.It has total 15questions which I'm in doubt:

1) What are two SAFe primary opportunities for driving relentless improvement? (Choose two)

a) Iteration Retrospective

b) Daily Stand-up

c) Program Backlog Refinement

c) PI Planning

d) Inspect and Adapt workshop

My Answers:  a & d

2) Why is a confidence vote held at the end of PI Planning?

a) To ensure the Business Owners accept the plan

b) To build shared commitment to the program plan

c) To hold the team accountable if the Agile Release Train does not deliver on its commitment.

d) To remove the risks for the PI

My Answer: c


3) What is the purpose of Iterations and Program increments?

a) To provide an architectural basis for future development

b) To demonstrate the increment to stakeholders

c) To Provide fast feedback learning cycles and frequent integration

d) To Provide status updates to the Business

My Answer: c


4) Which activity is a Scrum Master's responsibility?

a) Owning the Daily Stand-up

b) Coaching the Agile Team

c) Coaching the Release Train Engineers

d) Prioritizing the Team Backlog

My Answer: Coaching the Agile Team


5) During PI Planning, who owns feature priorities?

a) Product Management

b) Solution Architect/Engineer

c) Business Owner

d) Release Train Engineer

My Answer: Product Management

6) What is an IP Iteration anti pattern?

a) Allow for Cadence-based planning'

b) Plan work for the IP Iteration during PI Planning

c) Identify opportunities for innovation spikes or hackathons

d) Identify infrastructure improvements

My Answer: d)


7) What is a common reason why a team is unable to estimate a story?

a) The story lacks acceptance criteria

b) The Story does not include a role

c) Developers do not understand the task related to the story

d) The team has no experience in estimating

My Answer:a)


8) What is the key Scrum Master responsibility when estimating stories?

a) Limit discussion to minimize timeboxes

b) Provide information about customer needs

c) Ensure everyone on the team participate

d) Ensure the team gives estimates that do not increase the velocity

My Answer: d)


9) How can a Scrum Master support a Problem-Solving Workshop?

a) By estimating the work effort required to implement recommended improvements

b) By Providing facilitation to breakout groups focused on specific problems

c) By Coaching the Release Train Engineer on managing the event

d) By acting as a process coach to the teams and providing the right answers

My Answer: c)


10) What is accomplished in the first part of the PI planning meeting?

a) The Scrum Master decided how much work can be accomplished

b) The Product Owner defines the Iteration goal

c) Items are selected from the program backlog'

d) All task are defined

My Answer: b)


11) What is one responsibility of a SAFe Scrum Master?

a) Maintaining the depth of the Architectural Runway

b) Prioritizing the work of the systems team

c) Coordinating with the Solution Architect and Solution Management

d) Facilitating an effective team breakout session

My Answer: c)


12) When working with a Scrum XP team, what is expected from product management?

a) To coach the team on agile practices

b) To define the software technical specifications

c) To understand the scope of feature work

d) To provide Iterative vision to the team

My Answer: b) or d)


13) When looking at a program board, what does it mean when a feature is placed in a team's swim lane with no strings?

a) That the feature can be completed independent from other teams

b) That all the risks have been ROAMed

c) That the team has little confidence it will happen

d) That the feature should be completed before any other feature

My Answer: b) or c)

14) What does transparency mean in a Scrum environment?

a) All team members are co-located

b) The process is visible to all stakeholders

c) Users can perform code reviews at any time

d) Development and Operations teams work together

My Answer: b)


15) What is the goal of the Scrum of Scrums event?

a) To review each teams progress on its stories

b) To Focus on Agile Release train process improvement

c) To review the Agile Release train's progress toward its PI objectives

d) To demo features to Product Management

My Answer: c)

01:31 pm August 29, 2018

Is there a specific question that you are uncertain about?   Perhaps you might get more of a response if your inquiry were more focused?   

Also, instead of just providing your answer, it would help if you also provided your reasoning why you selected your answer, and why you didn't select the other choices.

06:24 pm August 29, 2018

Or you could do your own research or at least post these on a forum that actually is for SAFe exams.

This forum should be used for day to day scenarios, not "hey I need help answering this question so I can pass this exam and never contribute to anything on this forum."

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