Impact of culture on scrum

Last post 03:56 pm September 4, 2018
by Anuj Merchant
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05:47 am September 2, 2018

Hi All,
I started my thesis which is about the impact of culture on scrum in specific countries. I already read Articles, theses about this topic. 
they usually collect data by interview Scrum team in those countries that they chose (India, China,...). my professor said it is late to interview people because we have to finish it in three months, collect data in other ways. Is there any way to get information about specific countries which perform scrum?
I need to survey that these cultural dimensions that I chose have impact or not?


03:56 pm September 4, 2018

You can search on Google Scholar or your school's library for the surveys and articles done on this topic. There is plenty of material available online.