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Last post 03:35 pm December 5, 2018
by laurent russier
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11:44 am September 5, 2018



I made up a fun retrospective based on Lord Of The Rings. I think it's still can get improved. Maybe you can try it with on your own and give me feeds back.

Here is the format :…



06:55 pm September 7, 2018

Very interesting approach Laurent.   I see one challenge with all of the team members being able to relate to the material, and thereby understanding the analogies presented, although you state that team members unfamiliar with Lord of the Rings were also on board.

Also, such a framework requires some upfront investment of time and effort to build out the model.   Not something that a team can just jump right into during a retrospective.

I'm interested in pursuing this with one of my teams in the future, but drawing analogies to Game of Thrones instead of LOTR.   Thank you for the inspiration.

02:03 am September 10, 2018

This is brilliant! I would like to try this out - using Harry Potter theme :)




11:32 am December 5, 2018

I'd like to add that after the retro, we posted the drawing in the corridor. It attracted the attention to other team asking about what he did etc. Very emulative :D