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by Chris Belknap
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03:48 pm September 6, 2018


i have some question about development work.

Scrum guide says that sprint consist of sprint planning, daily scrum, sprint review, sprint retrospective

Scrum guide gives duration of all sprint event but it does not indicate duration about dewelopment work in a sprint.

In Scrum guide we read that sprint have a duration of one month.  Does it refer to development work? We can say that development work have one month duration?

Is Sprint synonymus of development sprint?

Scrum guide say this :"during sprint planning development team can renegotiate the select product items for a Sprint".

Does it means that during development work development team can change sprint backlog?

Finally when scrum guide specify Sprint's description in the capter "Scrum Event" can i consider Sprint as synonymus of development work. 

Is Sprint a Scrum event?

Thanks a lot for your help!

Roberta Marseglia

07:34 pm September 6, 2018

Yes, the Sprint is an event.  Think of it as a container event for the four other events you mentioned. 

Yes, the Sprint Backlog will change during the Sprint - and it is changed by the Development Team - as the Development Team inspects progress made towards the Sprint Goal.  The Development Team may renegotiate Product Backlog items with the Product Owner, as long as the Sprint Goal is not impacted.  

There is no such thing as a Development Sprint.  The Development Team's job is to deliver a "Done" Increment that meets the definition of "Done" each Sprint.