Please provide Interview tips for SMs who just have 1 to 2 years of of Scrum Maters,

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by Simon Mayer
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12:40 pm September 12, 2018

Hi Folks, 

 I have close to two years of experience as Scrum Master, previously i have been in Technical  and Project Management roles.

In this scenario , how best i can highlight my scrum master expertise  owing to lesser experience, When i start introducing myself in interview , Is it OK to talk about my previous non-scrum master roles. What is the best way to introduce ourselves(Elevator speech)  and our SM skills in this scenario.

Thanks for inputs! 

09:04 pm September 12, 2018


I dont know how it works around you, but here in france, scrum masters are often developpers who decided to move to agility. So it can be a good point to show, you know the development environment. You just need to make sure that you really show them that today, you are a "real" scrum mastr, that you value agile and the principles and it will be alright

05:25 am September 15, 2018

Just be transparent. For sure you need to talk about your non-SM roles while highlighting the experience as a scrum master.

11:07 am September 15, 2018

Three of the Scrum values are opennesscourage and focus.

I encourage you to be open about your career path, and courageous enough to explain how that provides you with certain advantages and disadvantages, but keep focus on the most relevant aspects for the job and company you are applying for.

I started off as a builder, had various temporary office jobs, got the opportunity to work in technical support, then as a developer, before having the opportunity to be developer and Scrum Master at the same time, and now I am a full-time Scrum Master.

During one of the interviews for my current job, I was asked to talk about my career history. I briefly mentioned the things at the start of my career, but I made sure to talk more about the parts that were particularly relevant to being a Scrum Master at a software company.