"Actual insight" in PBIs - Is that a 'special term'?

Last post 10:28 pm October 17, 2018
by Jennifer Davies
10:28 pm October 17, 2018

I've just completed the PSPO 1 and there was one question which confused me somewhat (moderators, do let me know how I can ask this and remain in terms of use)...

It mentioned the concept of 'actual insight' in PBIs (in an effort to comply with terms I'm not going to mention the question or answer more specifically). It isn't a scrum term I'm familiar with. Does it have a specific meaning in a scrum context or is it just an English phrase? (I'm not sure the question makes sense if the latter but have not come across it as the former).

Any references?

I passed the PSPO but an interested to clear this up for my own understanding.