Multiple choice questions in assesments

Last post 10:41 pm November 2, 2018
by Chris Belknap
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01:50 pm November 2, 2018


I was trying PSPO assesment yesterday and I am still a bit confused with some multiple choice questions saying to chose "all that apply". Let's say A, B, C and D are  correct and the 5th one - E- says all of the above are correct. Which answers should I tick? Only the E one or all of them? Will appreciate your interpretations!



05:24 pm November 2, 2018

Usually those types of questions won't allow you to check more than one.  Otherwise you can click the all of the above are correct choice if it asks you to click all that are correct, since it's the most correct answer.

10:41 pm November 2, 2018

Monika - Was this a Open Assessment, or some other web site's test?  I have not come across this before on a quiz, but I suppose I would do the same thing Larry suggested - check them all.