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by Ian Mitchell
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06:52 pm November 12, 2018

If an inspector determines that one or more aspects of a process deviate outside acceptable limits, when must an adjustment be made?


  • After Scrum Master approval
  •  After clarifying all the details with the Product Owner
  •  The deviations should be discussed at the Daily Scrum and then an adjustment must be made
  •  As soon as possible to minimize further deviation

I selected 2, after clarifying with the PO.


However, the answer is 'as soon as possible.' My understanding is that the PO decided on what needs to be changed; there maybe multiple stakeholders but direction comes from PO.


Your thoughts please.


This question came from the PSM1 exam prep




Thank you


08:25 pm November 12, 2018

What does the Scrum Guide say about when adaptive adjustments ought to be made, the formal events which support it, and the associated responsibilities of team members?