Can nexus have multiple scrum masters?

Last post 03:39 pm November 13, 2018
by vishal Rajadhyaksha
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02:50 pm November 13, 2018

Say there are 4 teams. Team A, B, C and D.

One scrum master- say John who is a part of nexus integration team is also a scrum master for Team A.

But what about team B, C and D? 

They need to have their own scrum master. (Though, John can be a Scrum master for A, B , C and D but he is not willing for the same).

So, in situation like this can there be 2 , 3 or 4 scrum masters out of which only one is a part of integration team??

03:31 pm November 13, 2018

Does the Nexus Guide forbid such an arrangement?

03:39 pm November 13, 2018

Nope. Okay...Thanks Ian.