Agile Portfolio Tools

Last post 11:39 am November 30, 2018
by Chris Belknap
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05:30 pm November 27, 2018

Anyone in the community using AgileCraft to manage Agile portfolios? If so, how do you like it? Pros and Cons? If not, what tools do you use? Any information would be greatly appreciated!

06:31 pm November 27, 2018

Can you clarify what you mean by an agile portfolio? Do you mean related products or services, such as those exhibiting integration dependencies?

12:52 pm November 28, 2018

Jira has an add-on called "Portfolio for JIRA". I never used it. Anyone here uses this tool? 

11:39 am November 30, 2018

AC has many great features if you are scaling in a large organization and need portfolio or program capabilities,  It supports SAFe. 

One of the challenges with AC is integrating it with your Scrum team's tool, if they don't plan to use AC for team based work (e.g. Product Backlog, Scrum task board).  For example, let's say you have teams works in Jira or VersionOne, and they plan to stick with it.  AC will integrate with Jira through the Jira APIs, however, there is mapping work and some standardization that has to occur before you can integrate.  If you have a lot of teams in Jira, it won't be easy to get them to change their process to make the integration between Jira and AC work.  You might want to think about using AC for team and portfolio work.

I tried to make Jira Portfolio work, and found it lacking many capabilities.  I also know many teams have issues syncing Jira and Jira Portfolio.