When is new SCOPE added to PRODUCT BACKLOG?

Last post 04:55 pm December 20, 2018
by Uma-Venkata Ratna-Kumar Lekkala
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04:29 pm December 19, 2018

Hi Guys. Consider it as a multi select question because I think the answer is not as obvious and I want to make sure my where understanding aligns with the Scrum.org community. Explain your answers so it can become more like a discussion.

When is new SCOPE added to PRODUCT BACKLOG?

  1. Sprint Planning
  2. Sprint Retrospective 
  3. Sprint Review
  4. Daily Scrum
  5. Sprint Refinement
  6. Any time during the Sprint
04:30 pm December 19, 2018

I mean Backlog refinement for 5. Does not let me edit :(

07:18 pm December 19, 2018

Answer is fairly obvious if you consider the question is about the Product Backlog and if you understand the purpose of the Product Backlog.  The answer is all of the options.  Modifications to the Product Backlog can happen at anytime that it is necessary.  The Product Backlog is in a constant state of change. From the Scrum Guide section describing the Product Backlog, paragraph 2.

The Product Backlog is dynamic; it constantly changes to identify what the product needs to be appropriate, competitive, and useful.

My opinion is that making it a multi-select is just a way of trying to trick you into thinking there is a wrong answer in the list.  I will say that if I am wrong I would gladly accept that "mistake".  

08:54 pm December 19, 2018

I agree with you Dan, although my concern with the question as presented is the option of the Daily Scrum as a possibility to add new scope to the PB.

In my opinion, the Daily Scrum is a very focused ceremony, limited to 15 minutes or less, where the Development Team assembles to discuss the state of the current sprint and develop a game plan for the upcoming workday.

Considering the short duration of the ceremony, the intent of the ceremony, and the optional presence of the Product Owner in the Daily Scrum, I am hard-pressed to think of a scenario where something would be added to the Product Backlog during that time frame.

11:38 pm December 19, 2018

Scrum is minimally prescriptive. There's no constraint on when new work can be added to the Product Backlog, as long as the Product Owner is accountable for it.

04:55 pm December 20, 2018

Based on your comments the answer is 6. Any time during the Sprint

Everything that happens in Scrum should belong to some sprint or other. So Dan when you said all the answers I am assuming what  you really meant is all the time which is nothing but option 6. And I agree which is also why I agree with Timoty's concern.