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Using SCRUM for team of two developpers.

Last post 04:02 pm December 24, 2018 by Ian Mitchell
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09:04 am December 24, 2018

I started a new job in which I was assigned, among other duties, the task of automating some processes using Python and Ansible.
The team is composed of only 4 members and only two developpers (I am one of them).

The automation project is still under testing and they are not familiar with Agile and SCRUM methodology.

They intend to use classic linear waterfall project style with fixed specifications and 6 month to present the project. Which in my opinion not suitable to the kind of project we are dealing with (experimental).

Because I am the only one to have some experience about the subject, I am wondering if it is worth to introduce SCRUM to the team, and I don't know who will take what responsability.

I could be the scrum master, but I am one of the developpers.

Among the non-developpers, one person looks like it could be a product owner and the other is supervising the whole thing, so I don't know what role to assign.


Will be any value to use SCRUM in such context knowing that I have other duties and I will not be developping on a daily basis?

Thanks a lot for your insights.

04:02 pm December 24, 2018

Is there an actual demand for incremental release and empirical learning in this situation? If so, where does it come from?