Could I take the course and exam directly for PSM II without having a PSM I certificate?

Last post 09:37 pm January 15, 2019
by Timothy Baffa
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04:05 pm January 15, 2019

Hi everyone, I got a CSM certificate, and would like to study PSM II and take the exam without having the PSM I certificate. May I ask by policy, could I do so?

If the policy allows me to do so, is it still recommended to take get the PSM I even though I got the CSM? Any comments or advice?

Thanks a lot!    ^_^

09:37 pm January 15, 2019


To be honest, the CSM from Scrum Alliance is much easier to achieve than the PSM I.

My suggestion would be to take a sample PSM I exam (offered freely through to truly assess your Scrum expertise.   If you can consistently reach 90-100% in the sample exam, then you are ready for the actual PSM I exam.

My strong advice is to proceed very carefully with the certifications.   The PSM II exam is much more challenging than the PSM I exam.   Best to be well-prepared than to unwisely spend money on a certification exam you are ill-prepared for.

There are many threads in the forum on the PSM I and PSM II exams.   Perhaps researching through those threads would be a good starting point for you.   Good luck!