Wrong Illustration of the Scrum Process at Scrum.org?

Last post 07:02 pm February 14, 2019
by Rafael Botossi
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10:19 am February 2, 2019

Hello community,


I stumbled over the Scrum framework (see here) and would like to clarify that illustration since, in my opinion, it contains an error leading to a confusion of Scrum novices.

To me, the arrows within the diagram illustrate some kind of "leads to" or "is input to" relationship. For instance, the (groomed) Product Backlog "is input" to the Sprint Planning activity, which "leads to" the Sprint Backlog, etc. 

However, the Increment is shown after the Sprint Review and this is confusing to me (and I guess to others as well). The Scrum Guide clearly states that the Increment is input to the Sprint Review (and it must be because this is what the discussion and feedback during the Sprint Review will be about). But instead, the poster actually suggests that the Increment is the "outcome" of the Sprint Review, which is obviously wrong.

As a result, I think this poster needs to be updated (just put the Increment in front of the Review) in order to prevent the misunderstanding mentioned above. 

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04:12 pm February 12, 2019

Just noticed that no one responded to you so I thought I'd put my opinion forth.

The Increment is input to the Review but it is the product of the Sprint. This statement from the Scrum Guide section describing the Sprint Review is going to be the basis of my next comments.

A Sprint Review is held at the end of the Sprint to inspect the Increment and adapt the Product Backlog if needed.

My interpretation of the italicized text is that the Sprint Review signifies the completion of the increment. As the Review is held at the end of the Sprint and is the last chance for inspection of the increment, the output of the Review is an agreed upon Increment.  So I see that chart as being accurate.

Again, my interpretation and it is only mine so it could be interpreted different by others. 

09:29 pm February 12, 2019

I would also add that visually, it would be odd to have the increment as anywhere else other than the last thing. That's because the whole point of the Sprint is to create the increment. Moving it before the Review would send a different message. Also, many organizations use the Review as a way of signing off on the increment, similar to what Daniel was saying being that the Review is the last chance to review the increment before it is finalized and accepted. 

10:41 am February 14, 2019

I totally agree with you, but I understand what they were thinking when putting this image in that way. They are saying that after the whole SPRINT the increment is done. So I would change the image for something like this: https://imgur.com/a/6NBTMsM.

Well, that's my input on the subject, I can be wrong. : )