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by Rasheed Owolabi
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05:45 pm March 20, 2019

Good day all

I am currently writing my master thesis on scaling scrum in large projects using NEXUS. But i am a  bit confused on how to get real world data from people currently using nexus in their projects (either by questionnaire or interviews or whatever). I am also wondering if there is an alternative way to work on the research design if the above mentioned way is not possible or if the data is too difficult to obtain

Thank you

10:16 am March 21, 2019

The concern would be the data you receive would be from organisations implementing Scrum/Nexus incorrectly or incompletely.  That might be what you're looking for though!

08:41 am March 22, 2019

Excellent point, Alex!

03:08 pm March 22, 2019

+ 1 for Alex. 

Even if you go into the research with the expectation Alex raised, how would you be able to distinguish the good from the bad? Any conclusions you would reach will be subjective on your part based on your understanding.  Nexus, just like Scrum, is a framework and does not provide detailed processes.  Can you formulate a questionnaire that covers only the framework and be able to make an assessment of the success? Are you confident that your knowledge and interpretations are deep enough to be able to determine if the organizations are correctly/incorrectly implementing it even by observation?  What is the premise of your thesis and how would you substantiate your discovery and data?

If you go look at any thread on this site, you will see that there are many ways "to do Scrum correctly."  The same holds for Nexus. If you do figure all of this out, I would really be interested in seeing your final thesis.  Please come back here and post us a link.

03:33 pm March 23, 2019

The thesis is on the challenges in scaling scrum in large projects using Nexus so I guess what would be interesting for me is how its being used or the challenges faced in its use. So I think, organizations using Scrum/Nexus correctly or incorrectly would only help buttress the point i am making(if there are any) as Mr Alex said.


Also the thesis is still in its early stages as I am still wondering what exact route to take. A questionnaire might not be the best way to go like Mr Daniel said so its a bit troubling at this moment.

07:07 pm March 25, 2019

Why not use the challenge of descaling organizational processes as a starting point? This can be seen as a precursor to effective agile scaling and yet it is something many fail to do.

09:21 am April 8, 2019

very true..but i am already commited to the nexus topic and cant go back...i got the nexus framework and got a lot more insight..