Cleared my exam but had issue with website/browser

Last post 06:48 pm April 25, 2019
by Scrum Support
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05:53 am April 25, 2019

Fortunately I cleared my exam even after struggling with troubleshooting the issue for around 20 minutes.



I started the exam on IE latest version and per recommendation and was half way through. I completed around 40 questions and around 20 minutes into the test. Suddenly the browser hanged and was not responding at all. I literally waited for 5-7 minutes and nothing happened. then I had to interrupt to see what happened and I know the time would be running. so decided not to wait any longer and proceeded with closing the browser. The whole system/os got hungup and there was no other option for me other than restarting the system to try out my luck. I tried to goto from my other system(laptop) to see if the session is open there so that I could continue. I used the same account to go to to proceed. Dint work and I got the below error :


Solution :

After restarting and opening the browser again it fortunately showed me restore session then I click on that immediately which allowed me to continue the exam.


Improvement needed:

- Since this is a reputed platform for scrum and so many of us are taking online exams the platform should be smart enough for the users to allow continue the exam from other systems too when they login with the same account.

- We are paying 150 USD for the exam which is not cheap atleast the place where I am from(India).

- I do not know if this is a issue or my browser locally but I am using the same computer and browser for many years now and never had faced such issues on any web pages.


Workaround :

If you face this issue anytime kindly click on "restore closed browser" option and proceed with the test. I was very frustrated with this issue which wasted my time and not allowing me to revisit the answers I had given. Hopefully no one should face this issue again and all the very best for clearing the exams.


Thanks and cheers.


06:48 pm April 25, 2019

Hi Vivekprasad,

We're very sorry to learn you encountered technical issues with your assessment.

We monitor our systems to maintain the best experience, but occasionally glitches do happen.

To reduce the likelihood of encountering technical issues, please follow the technical recommendations here.

If you do happen to encounter an error, please simply close out of your browser and write to so we can investigate and assist you.