Which are the best companies for IT outsourcing?

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by Yuliia B
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12:46 pm April 26, 2019

Hello, everyone

I am newbie in this forum, Its really nice to find a site that is junk free.

I've been working at Netsmartz since a long time now, I started my carrier as a programmer. Even though I did my English Honors from St. Stephens Delhi, I had keen interest in technical subjects, that is when I decided to be a programmer.

In starting I did some internships and then side by side did various online courses. I owe my technical career to the internet. I feel its my duty to contribute to the internet as my tribute.  
I have seen language shifts from java to android, php to python and excell to predictive analytics in the industry and somehow I've still managed
to keep up with the pace.

My goal is to learn as long as I can and share my learnings on such sites, and hopefully encourage more people to participate and grow.

It helps me in keeping myself up to date as well as help others in some or the other way.

Pleasure to be connected here. :)

Question: How to find the best dedicated developers and IT outsourcing companies?

10:33 am April 27, 2019

Hi Aditi

Welcome to the forum!

I don't think this is an effective place to ask that question. It seems off-topic for the forum, as your question makes no mention of Scrum, or anything closely related to it.

If you can explain more about what you consider "best", and if that does relate to Scrum or agility, there's a better chance you will get an answer that helps you.

12:26 pm April 29, 2019

Hi Simon, thanks for pointing out the mistake on my part. As I said before, I am a newbie into this forum, so I may miss the real thing to do here.

Your reply helped. I work on Outsourced Projects and aware of the fact that how beneficial it is to use SCRUM Framework for implementation of Agile Development.

I just wanted to know top companies that provides a dedicated remote team for outsourced projects related to development and marketing. I want to learn how those dedicated teams are controlled and how useful it is for clients to work with such an outsourcing model.

Anyways, thanks Simon for responding and looking forward for some really great advice.

01:34 pm April 29, 2019

Why not start by clarifying:

- what you think the term "remote team" means

- what it means, in your view, for a team to be "dedicated"

- why you believe teams align to "projects"

- why you believe dedicated teams are "controlled"

- why you understand the "outsourcing" issue demands special consideration


02:48 pm May 16, 2019

Hi Aditi,

Sites like Clutch and Goodfirms can help you. There you can find many companies and reviews from their clients. All reviews are checked so you can trust them. 

You can find different articles as well ("Top 5/10/50... "). For example https://www.n-ix.com/10-trusted-software-development-outsourcing-companies-europe/

Also if a company use the most efficient practices like Scrum/Agile it's definitely a good choice.

05:32 am May 17, 2019

As I understand Ian in his answer try to lever the motivations behind your question. Why outsourcing ? Why remote ? Why controlled ? It is amazing for me to apply coaching for every question. However sometimes it is annoying. Let me add more analysis of your needs.

You know, scrum methodology hates controlling. The team should be self-organized and every team member should be self-organized. It is hard, because it requires discipline. 

What I have understood from your question is that you would like to work remotely e.g. from home. You are looking for companies which offer such work. I concluded this from the fact that you stress that you owe your career to Internet. On the other hand there is word "Delhi" in your question, from which we can conclude that you live in India. Therefore maybe you are looking for work in global company like SAP which has development branch in India.

Help in finding a job is hard topic, because it requires knowledge of local market which we don't know (at least I don't know). I work for 20 years in one company. Two days ago I started to think about moving from R&D to consulting !

05:05 pm May 23, 2019

I just wanted to know top companies that provides a dedicated remote team for outsourced projects related to development and marketing. I want to learn how those dedicated teams are controlled and how useful it is for clients to work with such an outsourcing model.

One thing I haven't seen mentioned yet is that scrum really benefits a lot from having localized teams, because good scrum (and good agile) benefits from frequent communication, information radiators, and the like.  While it's not a hard requirement, remote teams introduce lots of new problems to solve with communication that aren't a big issue with co-located teams.  In the context of Scrum, have you considered the benefits of hiring or outsourcing locally?

11:16 am August 27, 2019

Hi Aditi, 

If you want to find outsourced software development company, I think the best idea would be to check such high-authority platforms like Upwork, Clutch, GoodFirms like someone on here has already suggested. That way, you can check a portfolio, reviews, and ratings and make the decision based on that information. There are also guides that provide a list of software outsourcing development companies and let you choose from it. Recently I found such an article (this one - https://www.cleveroad.com/blog/outsourcing-software-development-companies ) and it is really informative, might help you as well.

06:00 pm October 13, 2019

I'm interested in outsourcing pricing models. Could anyone name me outsourcing pricing models?

12:01 pm October 14, 2019

to be honest, I'm interested in pricing models in IT outsourcing as I would like to run my own project

11:46 am November 19, 2019

Victor, here I found an article answering your question, but I'm sure you could do this yourself :)

06:35 pm November 27, 2019

Warm greetings Atidi, 

You can easily get a list of top software outsourcing companies by using Clutch, Goodfirms or DesignRush but in order to choose the right one, I suggest you some points to clarify about your "selected" vendors: 

  1. Check out how many years the company works in the industry and if it's growing over the time.
  2. Choose the supplier who's got plenty of projects of your desired area in its portfolio.
  3. Check if you can find any of its clients who are known for their great product and high-quality services. 
  4. Get more insights about it by searching reviews on Google, review sites and so on. 
  5. Ask for security and money guarantees to ensure you have all agreements before signing the contract. 
  6. Also pay attention to PRD, FSD and other strict agreements 
  7. Ask for good project management and working conditions including project manager, transparent environment, time-zone adaptation, high-class infrastructure and no-barrier languages.  
  8. Do your budget well as there're different rates for outsourcing developers in different countries, also find out when and how you should pay for the company. 

Hope it can help :), 

12:46 pm January 11, 2020

The main thing is to have a good team at work. I work in GTM, and for me this is the best company.

02:34 pm February 6, 2020

Oh, for me it is really hard question. Nowadays there are so many outsourcing companies and dedicated development teams that is really hard to understand which are the best. I think you should make something like list of criteria about what is your priority while choosing such company.