What factors determine if the product owner is interacting with the Dev team throughout the sprint?

Last post 06:51 pm June 23, 2020
by Gangadhar Vasanthapuram
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03:22 pm May 1, 2019
04:39 pm May 6, 2019

The Development Team is the only one that can and should answer that question. 

Now, if you would like to provide more information about your question and why you ask it, we might be able to give you some better advice. 

01:54 pm March 22, 2020

There are noi such measurements I guess. Only thing you can say is that PO is available at any time when Dev Team has questions. Next to that they should meet for backlog refinement sessions so there should be always interaction throughout a sprint.


04:22 pm March 22, 2020

Dev Team is the only way and more likely this will also reflect in your reports which eventually turn out to be bad for such miscommunication . Sprint review will also reflect some of its sign as well. 

Real world , Dev team sometimes doesn't raise such issues easily because of chain of command. SM needs to handle this issue really diligently.

04:39 am March 23, 2020

What does "interacting" mean in your question? I do not see any problem when product owners are interacting with developers because they might be answering questions or clarifications from the developers along the way.

We may have a different meaning of "interacting".

06:24 pm March 23, 2020

What factors determine if the product owner is interacting with the Dev team throughout the sprint?

I have a feeling that there is something missing in this question. The way it stands now, simple communication would be evident of interaction. Are you asking whether or not the interactions are enough, too much, efficient, wanted? 

04:08 pm June 23, 2020

Determine whether the PO has :

Clearly expressing Product Backlog items
Ordering the items in the Product Backlog to best achieve goals and missions
Optimizing the value of the work the Development Team performs
Ensuring that the Product Backlog is visible, transparent, and clear to all, and shows what the Scrum Team will work on next
Ensuring the Development Team understands items in the Product Backlog to the level needed.