My Study Tips for passing PSPO I

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by Karen Naranjo
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09:16 pm May 16, 2019

Hi everybody,

I'm so extremely happy. I have passed PSPO I exam (93.8%) :) !!!!

Thanks all for your support, I benefit from this forum a lot,

Here is my study tips, I hope it benefits who are planning to take the exam.

Study Resources:


Time frame:

Estimated time frame: 7 weeks, 7-8 hrs per week.

Actual time frame: 8 weeks, 7-8 hrs per week.  

To motivate myself I use the sheet shared in the below link to track my effort daily, I color a square every time I study for one hour :) :)

Sheet link:

Study process:

  1. Read “Scrum guide”.
  2. Read “Scrum Reference Card”.
  3. Read “EBM Guide”.
  4. Read “Scrum Glossary”.
  5. Take test 1 and test 2 from  “Guide to pass PSPO I”, and I got 60% L, the author advise to continue only if your score is at least 80%.
  6. Read “The Professional ScrumMaster's Handbook”, Chapters 1, 2 and 3.
  7. Read “Scrum guide” and take notes, for unclear points I refer to visual paradigm.
  8. Visit scrum forums from time to time.
  9. Read “scrum product ownership”.
  10. Take test 3 and test 4 from “Guide to pass PSPO I”.
  11. Read “Guide to pass PSPO I” more and more.
  12. Read “The new new product owner”.
  13. Take open assessment.
  14. Take scrum quizzes from “Mikhail Lapshin Scrum Quizzes” I got 82.7%.
  15. Repeat those readings gain till I got 100% continuously is assessments.

I hope this help anyone who are preparing for the assessment, don't be hesitate to ask me any question :) :)

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Thanks for sharing, especially the additional practice assessment, @Mona!