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Agile Mindset in 1 sentence

Last post 10:24 am May 11, 2023 by Nicholas Gabrichidze
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06:30 pm May 22, 2019

Hello everyone,

How would you summarize in 1 sentence your definition of an Agile Mindset?

Curious of you answers. Tobias

08:22 pm May 22, 2019

The willingness to be flexible, transparent, people-focused, and open-minded.  

08:31 pm May 22, 2019

The willingness to be flexible, transparent, people-focused, and open-minded.  

02:49 pm May 23, 2019

Constantly sharing and looking for more information in order to change the way you view and act on the problems or situations that you are faced with. #empiricism #youareneverright


(Sorry I cheated with the hashtags and I don't even use twitter)

04:34 pm May 23, 2019

I am paraphrasing, and I unfortunately cannot remember the author:

"If you are not continually improving, you are simply not Agile."

01:06 pm May 24, 2019

For me, Agile mindset is "The set of attitudes and beliefs supporting an agile work environment, so that teams can become high-performing.” 

06:57 pm May 24, 2019

I would say that everything that is posted represents the agile mindset.

And would you agree that Daniel Wilhite's quote (The Acceptance of Ignorance and improvement through more information) is the basis, the source of an agile mindset?

Constantly sharing and looking for more information in order to change the way you view and act on the problems or situations that you are faced with.

->  And after some people (Drive, Scrum Guide, were humble enough to accept, that they don't know and threfore made research to improve their situation when facing complex problems their discoverd that,

willingness to be flexible, transparent, people-focused, and open-minded.

leads to a

continually improvement.

which are the effects when applying the agile mindset?

06:55 pm May 28, 2019

People first, transparency and constantly improving.

01:50 pm June 14, 2019

Good at getting better.

07:44 am June 17, 2019

Be flexible.

or, totally stolen:

Improvise, adapt, overcome.

06:20 pm June 20, 2019

Digital Maelstrom defines it as "Taking an iterative, incremental, and flexible approach to projects."

08:18 pm June 20, 2019

Why? Are the three sentences of the Manifesto for Agile Software Development too much? :)

I don't like this modern inclination to formulate everything as twitter-sized pearls of wisdom. Some things are just too deep and rich to grasp in one sentence.

The part of the manifesto I find most inspiring and enriching is "Responding to change over following a plan", so maybe that, then. The rest follows from it and can't exist without it. Customers are individuals, individuals are people, people change, Agile mindset helps responding to change. Working software/product is software/product that works and keeps working in an evolving environment, Agile mindset helps responding to change.

So yeah... "Optimally responding to change" maybe, because without that main focus, the rest of the manifesto is in peril. But I still don't really like my own answer :)

10:53 am May 9, 2023

Flexibility in Developing Continuously Working Software based on Customer Needs.

10:41 pm May 9, 2023

The one sentence is getting quite long :-) But All the above, like flexible, customer focussed, incremental delivery, continues improvement etc. are important aspects of Agile and all work together.

The things that give power to Agile in my opinion, and that is often overlooked, is to decentralise decision making and unlock intrinsic motivation in the team. In short Agile empowers the team to make their own decisions relevant to their work and goal. 

10:24 am May 11, 2023

Google "Agile manifesto" (just kidding)

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