What is the Software testing?

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by Peter Groft
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11:36 am June 4, 2019


The search engine defines software testing as the process of running a program or application with the intention of identifying errors. I define testing as a process of validation that a piece of software meets its business and technical requirements. Testing is the primary way to verify that the built product meets the requirements appropriately.


06:57 pm June 4, 2019

Isn't a failure to satisfy requirements an error?  Errors do not have to be in the functionality. The last 20+ years of my software career was in Quality Assurance. Years ago, before agile, I had a employer that paid me to only "test" the 100 page requirements documents. I found errors in the documents where the defined requirements were not consistently represented. "On page 14 you say that <something> should do A.  On page 87 you state that <something> should do B. A and B are not compatible so which of them is the actual expected results?" was common for the defect definition.  That is a process of software testing where I "ran a program" which was a methodical analysis of requirements with the "intention of identifying errors".  

meriam-webster.com provides a definition of "program" and only bullets a and b of the 6th provided definition says anything about computer involvement. And in fact the definition you provide distinguishes between "program" and "application".  I think you are trying to limit the definition too much.

07:31 pm June 4, 2019

Isnt a case where a piece of software does not meet its business and technical requirements an error? What is error anyway? These theoritical questions can lead to a thousand levels deep and still not have an answer...

02:09 am June 7, 2019

What do you mean by "the search engine"?

Do you have a question or just stating the two differences in definitions?

Also it's interesting that your link points to a "testing course" based in India but it does not actually include the definition you have mentioned. I may be cynical, but I don't see the link as relevant?

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05:26 am July 4, 2019

@misha, Firstly Software Testing process we executing program or application having the intent of finding the error in the software bugs. It is the process of executing a system to identify errors, missing requirements, or any gaps.

It is the process to verify the actual result match with the expected result or not. It is done to ensure that the software is defect free. Software testing can be done manually or using automated tools.

We can say that software testing is the process of validating and verifying that program or application: -

Meets with the requirements and guideline of the development.
Work of software has done as expected.
The software can be implemented with the same feature.

There is two basic types of software testing: -  Black Box Testing and White Box Testing

There are several types of testing described here

12:12 pm May 23, 2020

I Found your answer like a quality answer. Software testing is a process of validating and verification of your deployed software by checking and testing the quality and working mechanism is perfect or not.

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10:20 am January 28, 2022

Software testing is a process, to evaluate the functionality of a software application with an intent to find whether the developed software met the specified requirements or not and to identify the defects to ensure that the product is defect-free in order to produce a quality product.