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A change in the icons of the website - should it trigger a story?

Last post 06:22 pm June 14, 2019 by Ciro Theodoro
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12:10 am June 8, 2019

Hi guys,


We are currently facing a different situation here at the company. We are required to change the icons of a website to more modern ones. I would say that require a new story so testing can also validate them... anyone has a different thought?



12:30 am June 8, 2019

A user story is just one format for capturing the features and functionality provided by a system from the perspective of a user. There are different formats for recording and discussing this. The typical user story format is not required in order to perform testing, and nothing in Scrum mentions anything about the format for Product Backlog Items.

So, consider - in the case of changing icons, do you or the team need to specify this change in the format of a user story in order to make the design and delivery of the change effective or efficient?

02:00 am June 8, 2019

Hi Thomas,


Thanks for your feedback. In fact we use Azure DevOps tool (Previous Visual Studio Online) to control the backlog. The tool give us the following possible product backlog items: User Story, Feature, Epic, Bug, Issue and Task... so, the best one I can see at this moment using the tool is a User Story... maybe I should think differently?


05:13 am June 8, 2019

Regardless of what any tool constrains you to do, the challenge of writing a user story could prove beneficial. It should be clear who actually wants these “modern” icons, and why such rework is thought to be important. The story may already exist in so far as conversations about the matter are perhaps already underway.

06:22 pm June 14, 2019

Thank you Ian for your feedback... it makes sense...