Nexus V Less and SAFe

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by Rasheed Owolabi
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12:19 pm June 13, 2019

WhAT are the perceptions of people that have used Nexus in scaling vis a vis challenges, recommendations etc as opposed to other scaling frameworks like LeSS and SAFe

01:46 pm June 13, 2019

I would not consider LeSS, Nexus, and SAFe in the same category at all.

I would group LeSS, Nexus, Scrum@Scale, and Spotify Model in the same category. They are primarily focused on the delivery teams and the interactions between delivery teams that work on the same Product Backlog. However, both Scrum@Scale and Spotify Model go beyond the delivery teams and address broader organizational touchpoints.

SAFe is an organizational wide scaling framework. Essential SAFe covers roughly the same scope as LeSS and Nexus and smaller implementations of Scrum@Scale and Spotify. As SAFe scales up, it becomes more comparable to Scrum@Scale and Spotify being applied at an organizational level and begins to include solutions or portfolios made of multiple products and ultimately the entire organization that is involved in product development from compliance and budgeting through delivery teams.

I'd also add Disciplined Agile to the mix. Unlike the others, it's not as prescriptive of a framework. At one point in time, it was referred to as a "process decision framework" - a tool to understand the activities that go into product development and that allows organizations to decide what practices make the most sense.

Personally, I tend to advise people to avoid specific frameworks until you've evaluated all of them. Some are a more natural fit for some organizations, but even so, you may need to tailor the practices and methods used beyond what the framework says works. It's helpful to have a good knowledge of all of the major frameworks, along with case studies on how organizations are using each one, the context the organization exists in, the problems they are trying to solve, and the successes and pain points experienced.

02:14 pm June 13, 2019

thanks for the input @ Thomas Owens. If you have a few minutes and you dont mind, I would really appreciate your input on a survey I am writing for my master thesis

Thank you for your time.

06:38 am June 14, 2019

Any other opinions out there??