What are the Technical & Non-Technical Skills required for Software Tester?

Last post 01:20 pm June 26, 2019
by misha kapoor
10:51 am June 26, 2019

Non-Technical Skills

* Analytical skills: a good Software tester should have sharp analytical skills. Analytical skills help divide a complex software system into smaller units to gain a better understanding and create test cases.


* Communication skills: a good software tester must have good verbal and written communication skills. created by the software tester should be easy to read and understand. Dealing with developers (in case of errors or other problems) requires discretion and diplomacy.


* Time management & organisational skills: testing at times could be a challenging task, especially during the release of code. A software tester must manage workload efficiently, have high productivity, optimal time management and organizational skills

Technical Skills

Basic knowledge of database / SQL: software systems have a large amount of data in the background. This data is stored in different types of databases such as Oracle, MySQL, etc. in the backend. So there will be situations where this data needs to be validated. In this case, simple/complex SQL queries can be checked to see if the correct data is stored in the back-end databases.


Basic knowledge of Linux commands: most of The software applications, such as web services, databases, application servers deployed on Linux computers.So it is important for testers to know about Linux to have command.