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by Ian Mitchell
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06:02 pm July 4, 2019


Someone please help me on the below question. 

Will Stakeholders are allowed to enter into the development area? 



03:49 pm July 5, 2019

What, exactly, do you mean by "the development area"? Are you referring to specific events or simply the office space used by the Development Team? If the office space in general, what type of space is it (such as open floor plan, team rooms, individual offices, cubicles, or something else)?

05:30 pm July 5, 2019

If you are talking about office space I ask these questions. Are Development Team members allowed to enter the Stakeholder areas?  If in your case the answer to either is "no" then how does that impact the transparency of information and the interactions needed to provide the appropriate value? 

If you are in the situation where your stakeholders are in the same building as the developers you very much should take advantage of that situation.  There are many times that all stakeholders are external to the organization doing the work and it is difficult to include stakeholders in the activities.  

If you are asking about the Scrum Events then I refer you to the Scrum Guide where the Events are described. There are pretty clear definitions of the Events purposes.  I would encourage you to look at the reasons for the events and ask if stakeholder participation is beneficial. 

Look at the Scrum Guide and do a search on the work "stakeholder".  Everything you will find is about the need for clear understanding of information, progress and feedback.  Why would you restrict anyone from being able to do that at any time and in any way?


08:38 pm July 5, 2019

Will Stakeholders are allowed to enter into the development area? 

Assuming they are empowered to inspect and adapt their environment, shouldn’t that be up to the Development Team?