What after CSM?

Last post 08:50 pm July 17, 2019
by Eric Naiburg
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06:25 pm July 13, 2019


What all certifications one can do after CSM ?

my company is going to sponsor it hence need to give them a road map on trainings


Also, m in India, can someone pls let me know how to shape my project manager career

06:46 pm July 13, 2019

What are you trying to achieve? Become a Scrum Master or a Project Manager? Both are different roles and conflict with one another.


08:42 pm July 17, 2019

For what is next after the CSM, you should look at scrumalliance.org since they are the certifying body for that certification.  If you want to know others, look at the left side of this page and click on CERTIFICATION to see what scrum.org has available.  You can also use your preferred search engine and search for "scrum certifications". 

As @Steve said, Scrum Master and Project Manager are two different jobs.  If you want to know more about Project Manager progression, again go to your favorite search engine and search for "project management". 

After you have done that and have specific questions related to being a Scrum professional, come back and I'm sure that many of us will be happy to provide our opinions.

08:50 pm July 17, 2019

What are you goals?  Getting Certifications, Learning, Growing as a Scrum Master or some other role?  We have PSM II and PSM III if certifications.  If wanting to keep learning, start following the Scrum Master Learning Path, its free. 

 If you have other goals, let us know.