I've failed PSM-1 exam with %75!! Please help!

Last post 06:48 am July 31, 2019
by Marvin Ynte
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01:57 am July 15, 2019

I have completed my very first PSM-1 exam and failed with %75. I studied very hard on Scrum Guide, took the Open Assesments with %100 score more than 20 times. As well as mplaza simulation exams..

I have no hands on work experience as a Scrum Master and most of the questions were based on real time scenarios which I found really confusing. 

What else I can do in order to pass the exam ? Please, please give me your advise !


Thank you

02:02 am July 15, 2019

Hi Ece, have you taken the PSM class?  It is a great way to learn.  You can find upcoming classes here.

02:06 pm July 15, 2019

I would say that you've alluded to a potential solution in what you have said in your post, in that practical experience is helpful when undertaking the exam. Whilst there is some theory present, it is still required to demonstrate applied understanding of scrum which is why many of the questions are scenario-based.

There are a number of useful books out there which you can read to supplement the learning that you have already done, and are mentioned on the PSM1 preparation guide here:


If you have any agile meetups or societies which are local to you, you could always attend and get involved in discussions around the subject too.

Hope this helps - good luck in your scrum journey!

06:37 pm July 15, 2019

Hi ECE, 

I'm really sorry to hear that. I just passed the exam and posted the resources I used. 


I hope this helps. 

Good luck




08:51 pm July 15, 2019

Hi Ece,

I am also planning to take my exam within next 10 days, I read maybe 10 times scrum guide itself and in addition I bought the scrum course in Udemy for reasonable price (smtng like 12 usd). Lets see what I will achieve and am I able to crack it from 1st try.

12:23 am July 16, 2019

Ece - +1 on taking a course.  Regardless, did you go through the Learning Resources?  https://www.scrum.org/pathway/scrum-master


Scrum on

05:58 am July 17, 2019

I agree with Tom,


You need practical experience to complement the theory (its one thing to learn, another thing to do...) is there anything you can do to get this?

Do you already work for a company that has a Scrum Master you could shadow or learn from?

If not, I would attend events, talk to people about their experiences.

02:35 pm July 25, 2019

I can really suggest to take a professional class(2-3 Days), you will get much info and preparation tests, which are on par the with exam questions.

And yes, the Test is not easy.

05:52 am July 28, 2019

I failed mine with a 76 :( so many real life scenarios that just reading them made me waste so much time :( how frustrating 

06:48 am July 31, 2019

That's the thing with PSM I. It says that you will have "basic" knowledge of Scrum but in reality you will really require some hands on experience to pass it. I strongly recommend that you take the PSM I workshop.


Additionally, Scrum.org's forum is a cornucopia of agile wisdom and knowledge. Feel free to browse through the discussions or better yet join in one if you see anything confusing.


I wish you the best of luck. You can do it!