How to prepare and clear the Professional Scrum Master(PSM) Exam?

Last post 05:23 am July 17, 2019
by Liana Melissa
05:23 am July 17, 2019

PSM stands for Professional Scrum Master, a certification for the professionals who intend to work in an Agile Scrum environment. It is also valuable for people who are already working in Agile environment and try to find solution to their current process problems. Taking such certification validates your knowledge depth about Scrum and equips you with an authenticated admittance. Follow the exam preparation tips and guide for sitting in exam.

What is Scrum

Scrum has proven to be one of the most effective frameworks of agile. An increasing number of companies, both small and large, are adopting agile practices and are looking for people who have mastered Scrum.

Scope of PSM1

Having a certified Scrum professional is worthwhile for companies to adopt Agile quickly. As a side note, it is also beneficial to learn about Scrum lifecycle even if you are not working as Scrum Master.

Decide Certification

There are two well recognized Scrum Master exams.

CSM – Certified Scrum Master

A certification organized by Scrum Alliance. In order to get this certification, you first need to take a two day Scrum alliance training and pass the exam with at least an 80%.

PSM1 – Professional Scrum Master, level 1

This exam is arranged by No official training is required for this certification, but you need to achieve at least an 85% to pass the exam. If you are disciplined enough this could also be accomplished through self-study or by taking a training by Scrum.


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