PSM I - how did you prep for the „Leadership styles“ & „Forecast and planning“ areas?

Last post 11:58 am July 26, 2019
by Olivier Ledru
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09:35 am July 25, 2019

Hi all,

could you please suggest me good reads for the „Leadership styles“ and „Forecast and planning“ areas in preparation to the PSM I certification test?

While I feel very confident about the contents of the Scrum Guide, I realized that those two areas are not directly covered there and I don’t want to go off scope (studying on material which goes beyond the pure framework).

How did you prepare for those areas?



10:44 am July 26, 2019

I did not explicitly, but the general rule of thumb is that as a SM, you are a servant leader. You coach, and serve the team. Leading in this sence means trying to let the team inspect, adapt and improve themselves from within. It is not you telling them what to do, but you asking them the questions they need to figure this out themselves.

11:58 am July 26, 2019

Greatest read for "forecast a planning" is "Agile Estimating and Planning" from Mike Cohn.

Geoff Watts "Scrum Mastery" is very good also.