Recording effort in TFS 2010 using MSF Agile 5.0 or Scrum 1.0

Last post 07:52 pm July 29, 2019
by Timothy Baffa
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05:18 am July 27, 2019

Hai all,

I am using the MSF Agile 5.0 template in TFS 2010. For the tasks I have created I get the text boxes to enter how many hours estimated, completed, remaining like here below

enter image description here

However, for work items of type user story, there is no such facility: enter image description here


  1. Are there some relationship that needs to be maintained between a user story and its related tasks if I am using the MSF Agile 5.0 process template?
  2. Does this mean that I should not be creating only user stories in the said template but also break down each user story into multiple tasks if I need to account for the hours spent in completing that user story?
  3. How does one account for hours towards only user stories?
  4. Do you think switching to the Scrum template is better in this case?
  5. Is there a nice video explaining how to manage projects using the MSF Agile 5.0 template like there is this one for Scrum 1.0?

Thanks for your time...

07:52 pm July 29, 2019


What does the Agile Manifesto say about the use of tools?

What does the Scrum Guide say about what is valuable to measure? (hint: it isn't task progress)