Scrum master and daily meeting

Last post 03:49 pm July 31, 2019
by Thomas Owens
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01:57 pm July 31, 2019

Scrum master also talks about what you did at the daily meeting when you are on the team?

03:49 pm July 31, 2019

What do you mean by "on the team"?

The Scrum Master is always on the Scrum Team, as is the Product Owner and the Development Team.

However, the Daily Scrum is for the Development Team. The Scrum Master can facilitate, if asked, but otherwise ensures that the Development Team understands the objectives of the Daily Scrum and that they have what they need to carry out those objectives. If anyone other than the Development Team is present, the Scrum Master would make sure that they do not interrupt the Development Team.

If the Scrum Master is a member of the Development Team, then the Scrum Master would need to participate in his or her capacity as a Development Team member. But otherwise, participation would be as needed or requested by the Development Team.