PSM II - Selling the benefits - Advice sought

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by Marvin Ynte
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08:45 am August 2, 2019

Hi all,

Looking for some advice from people that have completed PSM II (or even PSM III) - I've been tasked with creating a business case to justify my training request. Specifically around what the benefits to the business would be.

Whilst the course outline goes some way towards this, I'm looking for some real world "eureka" moments or stories that really proved it paid off.


Thanks in advance


05:33 pm August 3, 2019

Why isn’t the organization demanding that Scrum Team members continually improve their skills? Is it unnecessary to the success of the business? If they have a better alternative to your suggestion, have they explained what it is?

11:05 pm August 3, 2019

I wrote an Amazon 6 pager for a private company on the benefits of the PSM I/II, which is not available to the public. Here are some topics you could think through and to help make your point:

  • Professionalism - Certifications demonstrate a commitment to professionalism and build upon an individual’s credibility. 
  • How might the PSM trainings and exams help with consistency within your organization? At while we each have our own style and war stories, we all use the same materials and reference guides to provide a consistent message around the world.
  • Role effectiveness - Professional certifications can help employees build a solid foundation and set of capabilities within their role, along with providing the most up-to-date skills, tools and strategies that will serve to guide and direct them in the execution of building complex products and working more effectively.
  • Accountability (if budget is to be spent on training, wouldn't it be great that there is a way to validate that the person has improved through a rigorous exam?)
  • Growing the brand of the company (who wouldn't want to work for a company that supports advanced training?)
  • Sense of community
10:59 pm August 5, 2019

Chris, I would especially agree with the Commitment aspect you highlighted! Great advice! Thx!

04:20 am August 9, 2019

This video by Joshua Partogi shoulf help.