Hard to estimate and the first time implementations on sprint

Last post 05:55 am August 8, 2019
by ezgi kakaliçoğlu cihan
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06:54 am August 5, 2019



We are new scrum team and we are making a new product which has become newly exist. So in planning meeting we commit the PBIs but we face so hard situations. As a result we can not finish all of our tasks. How can we deal with accomplishing the sprint? 



05:46 pm August 5, 2019

Why not commit to an achievable Sprint Goal? The PBIs on the Sprint Backlog would be a forecast of the work needed. The team could inspect and adapt the forecast during the Sprint as more is learned.

05:55 am August 8, 2019

Hi Ian,

This is a good idea. I will discuss with the team and try this. Thanks a lot!