How to know if you're ready for PSM3?

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by Simon Mayer
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12:54 pm August 8, 2019

Hi All,


For those who have done the PSM3, do you have any advice on knowing if/when you're ready to take it?  I took my PSM1 in 2015 and passed with 95%, I just took the exam no formal course (to tick a box for a recruiter).  I've just taken the PSM2 now and passed with 90%, no formal course again.  I have been on Scrum courses pre my first exam but not since.  I have often found myself in the role of coach and teach people in Scrum including Scrum Masters (which I find really makes you think about it).  

I am not sure about the PSM3 level in comparison, and honestly, essay questions scare me as I am heavily dyslexic and don't have a good track record with them in general.  I am not opposed to going on a formal training course or two (in fact I am very interested in the Scrum with Kanban one but not sure what "level" of course would help me for the PSM3.  



07:50 am August 9, 2019

There is only a PSM-II training for the PSM track. I can really really recommend it. It helped me ace my PSM-II and I learned a lot from it

03:46 pm August 9, 2019

Hi Scott,

I created a post on this topic after I took the PSM III and I actually just provided an update in the comments.  I hope you find this useful:

09:33 am August 7, 2020

Thanks for responses Xander and Blake.  Going of your post Blake I don't think i'll be taking it.  Having to read and answer QUICKLY isn't really something I can do given my dyslexica even if being asked very simple questions.  Neither are essay questions.

When I did my degree I was on for a 1st through the course work, disatation etc... but then when it came to the hand written exams I had to get compensated passes.  Thankfully the Uni was understanding and given on one module I got 95% based on course work and practicals for 80% of it then I got 25% on the written exam for the final 20% you can perhaps see the extend of my worry for written (although typing is better) essay questions when speed is important.

11:45 am August 7, 2020

Scott, you aren't the first person with dyslexia I've heard mention this problem, and I understand look on such cases sympathetically. If you contact directly, they might be able to arrange an alternative way for you to take the exam.