Passed PSM1 exam on 21 August 2019.

Last post 02:39 pm August 23, 2019
by Thomas Owens
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04:48 am August 23, 2019

Advice should I try for PSM II or PSM I is enough?

02:39 pm August 23, 2019

Enough for what?

If you just want to demonstrate to yourself or others that you have a fundamental understanding of the Scrum Guide? Yes. That's the purpose of the certification.

If you want to be a PSM, PSD, or PSPO Trainer, no, it's not enough. You'll need additional certifications and trainings to be eligible for that.

If you want to transition into a Scrum Master role, perhaps. You'd have to look at job postings in your area to see what company's are looking for. Maybe it is enough, maybe it's not. But even with the certification, you may need other background, education, or experience to actually get a job in an organization as a Scrum Master.

If you're a member of a Scrum Development Team or a Scrum Product Owner, it's definitely a good start. It's a good introduction to Scrum and the Scrum Guide. Even if you don't pursue one of the other certifications, you may want to read some of the recommended resources about being a Development Team member or a Product Owner and get practical, hands-on experience.