Best Mock Test For PSM-1

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by Ashish Kumar Pal
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10:04 pm September 3, 2019

Where can I find the best mock test for psm-1 besides the open assessment?

11:26 pm September 3, 2019

I didn't use any other mock tests besides the Open Assessment.

From what I gather from other forum posts, using tests other than those on can run the risk of having poorly-worded questions and incorrect answers. The tests are quite good and I didn't need any others when I got my PSM-I.

Why are you looking for other tests? If you're able to pass the Open Assessment tests several times at 100% (or close to), you should be ready for the PSM-I.

04:49 am September 4, 2019

PSM-1 is pretty straight forward. If you some experience with scrum, gone through scrum guide and completed open assesment then you are good to go. 

If you google PSM 1 mock you will get couple of results. In my experience they do not represent best of scrum knowledge and full of incorrect information.

04:16 pm September 4, 2019

I agree    The more I do mock tests the more I get confused.   Lots of those mock tests don't have the right answers I find.

04:27 pm September 4, 2019

I found the resources on to be the best in terms of content. It's typically reflects the spirit of what you might see on the exam - so the open assessment and blog resources. 

I purchased 'Scrum Narrative and PSM Exam Guide' by Soukath Ali and Mohammed Musthafa from Amazon and that was a very good practice for the PSM 1. It's written specifically for PSM1 prep and keeps to very similar values to what offers. 

Otherwise I'd agree with Martin, random mock tests typically won't capture the spirit behind Scrum and may cause more harm than good when it comes to a practical exam. 


05:00 pm September 4, 2019

Mikhail Lapshin

This and Volkerdon (paid $15/mo). 

Good luck!

08:22 pm September 4, 2019

I did Lapshin.   Didn't score very high!!   

03:36 pm September 5, 2019

I only used the open assessment and all of the free recommended reading.  I read, not skimmed, the entire Scrum Guide every other day for 2 weeks before I took the exam.  I took the open assessment until I felt confident enough that I knew the material.  I avoided any of the other free assessments. I learned from studying for non Scrum related things that the best source is the one for which you are attempting to satisfy.  After passing the exam, I took some of the other free assessments and was actually astounded at what some of them claimed to be correct answers. 

If you feel like you need some more knowledge before taking the PSM I after using all of the information provided/suggested by, I suggest you take some of the other open assessments found here.  Take the PSPO I or PSD I open assessments. They are covering the same basic material but from different perspectives.  Take the PSM II open assessment. If you can get a good or passing score on that then you are ready to take the PSM I.

04:37 pm September 5, 2019
01:56 am September 9, 2019

@Daniel Wilhite there is a PSM II Open assessment? Where can I find that? thanks!

06:32 am September 10, 2019

I would go with using the open assessment.  You tend to find that the third party open assessments don’t quite structure the questions correctly and what you know to be the right answer, under this structure is wrong.

The PSM1 resources are great, keep going with the open assessment read the scrum guide over and over and also read Scrum A Pocket Guide by Gunther Verheyen as I found this invaluable, and still do.

Good Luck

04:13 pm September 10, 2019

I agree!   I'm done with 3rd party mock test.   Way too confusing.    Only problem is the open assessment only has 30 questions and I've done them a few times now and I just know the answer from seeing the first 3 words of the question.      Need more material for open assessment. 

10:34 pm September 10, 2019

Martin - if you're comfortable with the Open Assessments, why not just take the exam?

10:11 pm February 8, 2021

I found that, after taking the PSM I Open assessment multiple times and scoring 100% all the time, the real questions from the exam are, although similar in setup and wording, quite more extensive. 

Did the PSM I exam twice now. First time 81%, second time 82%. It's going to be quite expense if I keep increasing in my score in this pace :-(

09:34 am February 15, 2021

Consider doing the PO and Agile Leadership open assessments as well, to increase breadth and depth of relevant coverage. 

10:47 am February 15, 2021

The open assessments just let you know if you are able to answer questions around the basic subject matter, and are not there to be used as a guarantee that you are ready for the actual certification assessments. 

Make use of the learning paths and other free material listed within suggested reading, as well as additional blogs and forum posts from this site, as well as from others. 

Only use practice tests as one of your final study tools. 

Obviously experience in the subject matter will give you a great advantage, especially if you have been working within a true scrum environment.

07:07 am February 18, 2021

Here I would also be very interested as well!

@Daniel Wilhite there is a PSM II Open Assessment? Where can it be found?


07:38 am June 15, 2021

Hey Everyone,

Can anyone please suggest good open assessment websites/links for PSM1? I have googled and taken few of the test but they were far below the actual standards.

Thank you!

08:27 pm June 15, 2021

For those that asked about a PSM II assessment, go here.


07:56 am June 19, 2021

I gave PSM -1 exam on 10 June and I got 93.8%

12:29 pm July 22, 2021

Hi, I attempt the test and did not clear it. Please advise how can I pass it in next attempt. I did give the online open assessment and read the scrum guide but no luck.




12:51 pm July 22, 2021

@Priyanka if you truly want to learn to apply Scrum and not just receive the certification I suggest that you take a class. Our Professional Scrum Master class provides you with real-world activities that can be applied throughout your career while teaching your Scrum and setting your agile mindset.  If you are focused on the test only, follow the reading in the Prepare for Assessment section on with dozens of resources.  

Looking at your test results, i suggest that you also reread the Scrum Guide several times until you have it committed to memory and are able to understand why what is in there is in there.

A practice test doesn't give you knowledge it gives you questions.  The resources and classes provide a way to learn and interpret for application.

07:57 am September 26, 2021

I gave PSM -1 exam on 25.09.2021 and I got 93.8%. To prepare I attended two day training workshop with Punit Doshi. I practiced from open assessments for SM, PO and Dev. Also I used i80 free simulator for PSM1 exam and M.Lapshin - Learning as well as Real time. Though the latter two helped me clear my concepts to a large extent but the foundational and more relevant were the open assessments. They gave me a 360degree view of how the Scrum Framework works in given situations. Reading Scrum Guide religiously, following the changes in 2020 vis-a-vis 2017 version of it, and open assessments are sufficient to build the understanding  that this Exam tests. Good luck to all.