What are the possible Sprint Review meeting feedback which can be received from client?

Last post 04:03 pm September 5, 2019
by Daniel Wilhite
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07:00 am September 5, 2019

Here, my intention is to be prepared for the possible feedback items and to work on them rather than receiving them during Sprint Review and then implementing them.


07:20 am September 5, 2019

Do you believe you are unprepared for the closing of the feedback loop? During a Sprint Review, would the team be unable to inspect and adapt in a timely way? If so, why?

11:20 am September 5, 2019

If you are prepared for posible feedback, isn't the feedback you prepare for input for the PO to take into account the increment or backlog? In other words, if you can think of problems or desires beforehand, should this not simply be shared during the scrum events and artifacts? Preparing for feedback sounds like refinement to me ;)

11:49 am September 5, 2019

There's different types of feedback that you could receive at the Sprint Review, but I'm unsure how you would prepare to work on them.

The Scrum Team may receive product feedback on the work that has been Done. This is work that has been Done according to what the team understood was needed and the team's Definition of Done, but stakeholders may have ways to further improve this work or even new ideas that they now see as possible based on the current state of the system. However, this type of work has to go into the Product Backlog. The Product Owner needs to align it with the needs of all of the stakeholders and the vision for the Product, the team then would need to refine any Product Backlog Items that come out of it, and then development can begin. Unless it's a critical piece of feedback, the team would refine it as early as the upcoming Sprint and it would be ready for Sprint Planning following the next Sprint Review.

The Product Owner may receive feedback on the current state of the Product Backlog. As the environment changes, the needs and priorities of stakeholders change. This feedback may cause the Product Backlog to be reordered. It could also cause items to be removed from the Product Backlog because they are no longer necessary. There could be modifications or additions to the Product Backlog, but I suspect most of those would come in the form of the first type of feedback that I identified - feedback on the Done work and the product.

The Scrum Team may receive general feedback on how the product is being used or how the intended uses are changing. This type of feedback can improve the Development Team's understanding of what they are building and who they are building it for and may result in the Product Owner making adjustments to the Product Backlog to address these uses or intended uses.

The Scrum Team or the Development Team may receive feedback on how their performance is being perceived by the stakeholders. This can be considered at the Sprint Retrospective to determine how to improve the relationships between the team and external stakeholders.

None of these types of feedback should just be taken at face value, though. The right people - the Product Owner, the Development Team, or the whole Scrum Team, needs an opportunity to reflect on them, understand them, and decide how to act appropriately.

04:03 pm September 5, 2019

Everything that has been said above and ...

There could be positive feedback that the team can take as validation they do understand the work they are undertaking and should celebrate that situation. Celebrating doesn't have to be a party. It can just be a little knowing smile passed around the room.  Just as long as they recognize and appreciate the feedback.

There is no boundaries on what kind of feedback you will receive during a Sprint Review.  Consider the type of product you are building, the representation of stakeholders attending, the urgency of the need, the amount of progress, the fluid nature of the requests and countless other variables possible it would be very difficult for anyone to tell you what to expect.

Here, my intention is to be prepared for the possible feedback items and to work on them rather than receiving them during Sprint Review and then implementing them.

If your team is not capable of satisfying that statement, I would question whether they really understand the work that they are being asked to do. Notice I said "being asked to do" and not "they are doing".  Those can be completely different things. The Review is about what is being asked and how what they have done addresses the request. 

Don't try to prepare.  Your team needs to go into the Review with confidence in what they have done and why they have done it. Be open about anything they feel is still "not ready" or could be a possible problem.  Listen, discuss, inspect, adapt.  That is the whole purpose of the Review.