How to structure a master thesis that it's about the development of web application using scrum

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by Tony Divel
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07:30 am September 13, 2019



My master thesis is about the development of a web tool that has the following architecture: Back-End Api, Front-End (Web client) and Front-end (Mobile Client). During this projects I was using scrum with 14 sprints. Each sprint takes two weeks. I'm having trouble structuring my report since it's my first time using Scrum.

03:11 pm September 13, 2019

I've never written a master thesis so I might be off base here.... 

When I look back on things like a web project using Scrum I like to speak to the journey that the team went through to end up with the final product. How they utilized the Scrum framework and empiricism to improve not just their product but the way they worked together over the course of 14 Sprints. 

I love seeing the evolution and growth of a team/product through this period and how they were able to take difficult situations or relationships and improve upon them. 

Perhaps there's an opportunity to leverage the Scrum framework for thesis writing as well. 

Hope this helps!