Who tracks work remaining in the Product Backlog?

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by Chris Belknap
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04:51 am September 24, 2019

Can someone answer this query.

Who tracks work remaining in the Product Backlog?

I have answered Development team. Please advise whether the answer is correct or not?

04:59 am September 24, 2019

Hi All,

Can someone advise on the below queries.

I planned to take PSM1 Certification.

I have prepared for the exam. I have taken open assessments (Scrum Open) only from Scrum.org 

Please advise do we need to taken even assesment listed for Product Owner open, Scrum Developer open, Nexus open, Scrum with Kanban open, Agile Leadership open, agile Measurement open.

Also advise on any other additonal materials which we can use as reference to prepare for this exam.



03:45 pm September 24, 2019

Vijayan, before you explore other practice tests to help you pass the PSM1 certification, it seems you may require additional understanding of the Scrum Guide.

According to the Scrum Guide, who is responsible for the content of the Product Backlog?

05:52 pm September 24, 2019

Who tracks work remaining in the Product Backlog?

Who do you suppose would most need to track the work that remains in the Product Backlog?

12:15 am September 25, 2019

Hi Timothy,

Ans: product owner


12:18 am September 25, 2019

If there is any work related then only development team takes care it


thats why I have answered to the above question 

01:06 am September 25, 2019

Vijayan - You might be confusing Product Backlog with Sprint Backlog. Think about which of the three roles are accountable for these artifacts, and you will get your answer.

All the best with the PSM!