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Which Approch is best for this scenario? Scrum/Kanban/or anyother

Last post 07:20 pm October 7, 2019 by Ripandeep Bhatti
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07:35 am October 4, 2019

Can you please help me with this scenario to be exact. 

I am the project manager of a team. You can say a group of 6 individuals not a team, because they all are working of different projects & technologies. They are not connected with each other in a direct way. (it might be case sometimes  android guy ask backend developer to help him for creating an API for him)

Now I have to manage/map them on Jira, so I can track their work, things on which they are working on, their timelines etc. You can say project progress of every one of them.

Can I put this case under agile, because we are working on each project in an iterative approach? if yes then which board is best for this ?

As you guys answer me before that its not scrum as 'scrum is for complex projects' 

then Can we put it under Kanban Board?? or something you can suggest best. 

05:10 pm October 4, 2019

Can I put this case under agile, because we are working on each project in an iterative approach?

If each iteration lasts no more than a few weeks, and results in the delivery of working software, then it is possible that one of the twelve principles of the agile manifesto is being satisfied. What are your thoughts about the others?

08:35 pm October 4, 2019

I would recommend going through the Agile Manifesto (Values and Principles) and determine how much, if not all, applies to the value you would want any chosen framework to help this team realize success. 

If you can at least confirm the mindset is the motivator, then it's less about how to do the work and instead about selecting the framework that gives you the best results/opportunity for this team.

I go with the analogy of making a pie.

  • Confirm that you want to make a pie.
    • (Confirm the values/principles are in-line with desired result of the team)
  • Then assess how much filling you have for the pie
    • (Consider the current strategy/direction/scope for the team)
  • Finally, choose the size of the pie tin
    • (Select the appropriate Agile framework)

You wouldn't attempt to stretch/shrink/manipulate the shape of the pie tin to fit all the filling going into the pie. You're likely not going to use all of it. You wouldn't choose a framework and immediately customize it to fit the current strategy.

With that said...

If continuous flow/progress is more important than doing some work and getting some feedback after a couple weeks before you call it done, perhaps Kanban is worth looking into over Scrum. Or maybe pursue ScrumBan. Perhaps since the team is so silo'd, the best thing is to follow best eXtreme Programming methodologies. 

By knowing what factors into the team being "successful", you'll be able to better evaluate which methodology will enable them do be so.



07:20 pm October 7, 2019

@Fahad Raza


If the team is working on same project and working on basis of the priorities then yes KANBAN process probably best suits it. 



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