What should the Scrum Team do when the Sprint Planning is postpone?

Last post 12:28 pm October 24, 2019
by Ícaro Nascimento
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07:36 pm October 18, 2019

Hi, my name is Ícaro and I'm studying for PSM I.

One of my doubts is about postponing the Sprint Planning. 
Supose my team works with 15 days Sprints and today is the Sprint Planning day, but the PO is sick and won't coming. 
We decide to postpone the event because the PO has to attend the event.
In this case, what should the Development Team should be idle? Should poll the next PBI?

That's all folks!

08:33 pm October 18, 2019

The PO should have the Product Backlog ready constantly. It should be updated as new requests come in. Might think of it as a daily task for some PO's.

The Dev team doesn't require a PO to approve a Sprint Goal, although they should be working together to craft one. As long as the PBI's are in place, team should be able to craft a Sprint Goal, and select the appropriate PBI's to obtain it.

At the end of Planning, it's the Dev team that kicks off the Sprint anyways.

10:10 pm October 18, 2019

One of my doubts is about postponing the Sprint Planning.

Is it understood that regardless of when Sprint Planning occurs, and whoever does or does not attend Scrum events, the Product Owner will nevertheless remain accountable for the value delivered?

09:33 pm October 19, 2019

Ian, I understand the PO's accountability on that.

Guys, should a Scrum Team accomplish the Sprint Planning without the Product Owner?
Is this role mandatory or not? I agree with what John said.


Thanks John! Thanks Ian!

07:45 am October 21, 2019

Hi Icaro,

John already almost wrote everything. 

Per definition the Sprint starts after the Retro of the previous sprint. So the team should try to do the best with the Sprint and do some planning without PO, maybe for the days he reported sick. Some PBI should be already discussed in the Refinement f.e. and the Backlog should be ordered.

In my opinion it's better to do something with maybe less value than do nothing.

But you should discuss that "problem" later in the Retro and find some solutions for it. Maybe the PO will be more than once sick ;)



01:36 pm October 21, 2019

Hi icaro,

As per my understanding the sprint planning should not be postponed. If PO is not available then also Sprint planning should take place facilitated by the Scrum master involving all other teams and Dev team can select PBI  based on their values and earlier backlog refinement sessions with PO which are at ready state. And dev team should target those PBI's for the sprint and start the sprint with those items that can add value to the existing product. And when PO is available have backlog refinement meetings to get more clarity and continue the sprint else put it for points for discussion in retrospective.

After all its better to add some value rather waiting for PO to join.



12:28 pm October 24, 2019

Hi, Nils! Hi, Manoj!
Thanks for all those ideas. Helped a lot improve my understanding.