What is Technical Maturity and Process Maturity in Agile

Last post 06:49 pm October 24, 2019
by John Varela II
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10:24 am October 23, 2019

Hello All,

From Last couple of months my team is implementing the agile and now they are more mature,
How can I help them for the next level and as a scrum master in which areas should I support them.

And I came to knew that as a scrum master I can focus on Technical maturity and Process Maturity,
Can any one please help me in knowing about this or you are welcome to share any information in which areas can I focus.

06:06 pm October 24, 2019

Hi Siddiq,

As a scrum master you do not only responsible for technical maturity. Technical maturity and processes belongs to development team. But in retrospective meetings you can facilitate a retro game to think about technical maturity. Maybe define some goals as an input for sprint backlog.


06:49 pm October 24, 2019

Perhaps you can provide more detail about your understanding of technical and process maturity?

They are different and yet share a little common ground. The Scrum Master isn't going to be driving the team towards these levels of maturity, but rather support the decisions of the Dev team by providing them the opportunity to make these improvements. 

One place to start is the Definition of Done. What aspects of technical maturity are missing? Are there any processes getting in the way (or even missing) that will allow them to make these improvements?

One thing I do during Retrospectives, is ask the team if there are any actions they'd like to take in the new Sprint that would double-down on a win or success they experienced in the previous Sprint? Improvement isn't always about fixing what is broken. It's also a responsibility to build on top of things that are working right.