PSM I and PSPO 1 - Why the overlap

Last post 02:31 pm October 28, 2019
by Deepika Singh Chaudhary
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06:10 pm October 24, 2019

I passed the PSM-I a couple of months ago and today I passed the PSPO-I. Woohoo:)  From everything I read, I expected there to be a lot of overlap, and there was. But this had me wondering, why would have two certifications in different paths with so much overlap. Would it make more sense to have a Scrum Foundations Certification that is a prerequisite to all paths, rather than just duplicate so much of the same across level 1 certifications?

09:37 pm October 24, 2019


I would guess because they are targeted to different roles, so people don't need to take both certifications? E.g. if you're a Product Owner you can just take the PSPO certification, and if you're a Scrum Master you can just take the PSM.

08:38 pm October 25, 2019

Like what Ben called out, each cert is targeted for a specific role. While it is suggested, and dare I say beneficial to take both; it's not necessary or expected. Both roles need to know the basics of Scrum to be successful in their respective roles, hence the "overlap". 

01:05 am October 27, 2019

Congratulations Eric!!

In practical scrum implementation, Scrum Master and a Product Owner works really close. Considering this I believe it is important for both the distinct roles to know where these roles intersect.

Still they are distinct with their own specialisation.