Hiring a Product Owner : Mobile vs Web Apps ?

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by Oceans Blue
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07:33 pm October 24, 2019

From a Product Owner hiring perspective, what could be the major difference between Mobile App and Web Development App?

Let's say i am hiring a Product Owner, who has more experience with web apps than mobile apps, what should i be concerned about? and or what that Product Owner should be aware of?

12:18 am October 25, 2019

What responsibilities would the Product Owner have, and what would you expect them to be accountable for?

03:51 pm October 25, 2019

@Ian Mitchell

Excellent question.   However, the main reason with my inquiry, that i am in complete disagreement with all managers.

They insist, that the new hire has to have Mobile App experience, but I insist that there is no big difference between Web Development and Mobile App development from a product owner perspective.     All Apps require the same type of responsibilities and vision. 

03:26 am October 28, 2019

Maybe your management thinks that having the mobile app experience has edge over the others. You can ask them as what Ian is asking you about responsibilities and accountability. It will probably help you on your point.

03:53 pm October 28, 2019

As a PO who has worked on mobile apps for the last couple of years there are some important differences to web apps that you need to be mindful of. 

  1. When you release a new version of your mobile app it takes a long time for all users to get the update. Some will never update.
  2. Because of point 1 you need to support multiple versions of the app in field at any one time.
  3. If you don't want to support every version forever you need to build in a capability to stop old versions working and force an app update. 

These might seem really obvious, and it might not be the POs role to cover them, but I have found myself having to explain them several times to stakeholders and developers used to dealing with web apps. 

04:59 pm October 28, 2019

@David Lovelock

I appreciate your input.  As well as everyone who shared their input. 






04:59 pm October 28, 2019

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" By the way, i don't get email notifications when someone replies "

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