2 questions: There is an open Product Owner position in company because previous product owner has left this company

Last post 04:33 pm November 12, 2019
by Ian Mitchell
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02:32 pm November 12, 2019

Imagine following situation:

I am selected for Product Owner position but I need your opinion on 2 things:

  1. How can I proceed working on product where previous Product Owner was (in the middle of the development). What are the steps to follow?
  2. How can I be fully and fastly introduced with this new product so I can start doing my role as Product owner as soon as possible. What are the steps to follow?
  3. Also, since I am new in this company, how can I have a future vision of this product and company? What are the steps to follow?



02:40 pm November 12, 2019

I'd start with talking to and shadowing the people. Spend time with operations, customers, the development team, etc. Find out where they think the opportunities are and begin to formulate the vision from there. 

There will be people who have spent time and are invested in their product, prove to them you are to despite being new. 


03:10 pm November 12, 2019

I agree with Tony. Go in, ask a ton of questions and then ask more questions. I would suggest you taking these 3 questions and asking your leadership because you need an idea of their expectations for your role. Overall, there really are no defined steps to follow in this situation. It is like with any new job you get, it takes time to get acclimated and you'll have to find what works the best. Just remember, you're not going to know everything you need to know in a week or even a month. It takes time, so lean on your teams to help you.

04:33 pm November 12, 2019

Perhaps there are no steps to follow at all. In Scrum, you should expect things to be emergent, and to inspect and adapt the things you do and how you do them.

Nevertheless, I would suggest you might start by learning what product value is, and how to best communicate it.