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by Eric Naiburg
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02:38 pm November 14, 2019

I searched the Forums and really didn't find much on the PAL-E. Outside of the obvious difference that PAL-E is essentials and PAL-I is a step up in knowledge and understanding, can anyone provide some further insight on the differences. As someone who has a solid Agile/Scrum foundation and experience, I'm wondering if I should just skip the PAL-E. Or instead take the PAL-E assessment, then sign up for the PAL-I class. Appreciate thoughts from anyone in the community who has experience with both.



03:23 pm November 14, 2019

I might be wrong, but I believe PAL-I means PAL I (level 1) examination and PAL-E is the Professional Agile Leadership Essentials course:

03:33 pm November 14, 2019

Ah, there is no PAL-E assessment. Thanks!

04:59 pm November 14, 2019

The assessment that comes with the class is PAL I.  If you are experienced and looking for certification, we do not require that you take a class to take our certification exams.  Our exams prove what you know, while our classes teach you.  It is always good to have taken a class, but not required.

The class teaches you the essentials of agile leadership, hence the name and in the future there may be other leadership classes and may be additional levels of PAL assessments.