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Disciplined Agile

Last post 10:13 pm December 21, 2021 by john kanamala
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04:05 am November 21, 2019

Hello all,

I have recently come across PMI's newly acquired Disciplined Agile (DA). Reading about it, it seems interesting, but as I have zero "real life" contact with it, I would like to ask if any of you have had any interaction with this toolkit as it is called, and how (or if) it integrates with a framework like Scrum.

I am particularly interested in your views towards whether it adds value to a project, whether or not it is compatible with Scrum, and if it is just "another flavour" of an agile framework.

Thank you,


09:38 am November 21, 2019

As far as I know, like SAFe, its a way to tackle scaling and corporate integration. As always, tried to put in a generic format to maximize fit.

Does it add value? Depends on the fit of your organization and project...

Is it another flavour? Yes, or actually more of an implementation instead of a flavour, like more very mature and renowned ones out there are also.

Scrum focusses more on team and sprint processes. Apart from Nexus and PAL, maybe. DA focusses more on the bigger organizational picture.

10:16 pm November 21, 2019


Thank you very much for taking the time. It's great to have some clarity on it and hear about different views.

11:11 am December 12, 2019

Hello Demerson Neves,

Check this book out it will help you a lot to understand DAD:

Introduction to Disciplined Agile Delivery 2nd Edition: A Small Agile Team's Journey from Scrum to Disciplined DevOps

05:18 pm December 21, 2021

Hello Neves, 


I have recently taken the DASM course and find it a little more and would like to share it with you here. I see that this post was about 2 years ago but felt it would not harm to comment and so doing it.

I feel that DA is a toolkit that is prescribed to teams or organizations wanting to go Agile. Unlike Scrum or SAFe or Kanban which were wanting to be implemented across the organization, i guess DA is a toolkit which is offering about 6 variants of Agile that could be followed in your organization. 

As each team is different, i think this is a good approach. i have seen that many teams following Scrum just because they are on an Agile Release Train as the organization has embraced SAFe even though their day to day activities change.  


DA gives the flexibility to each team to pick their flavor of Agile to yield the best results.


Only problem i see with DA is that if every team / program picks up a flavor that suits them, then consolidation becomes difficult though not impossible.


It all depends if the leadership wants to implement Agile in a particular, common and consistent way or would really follow the Agile principles and empower the teams / programs to pick the flavor (with some oversight and validation) of Agile that best suits the team.


Please let me know if this helps or has a contradictions.

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